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RE: torcp problem

:ORPort is the port on which Tor listens for new OR connections 
:(this is the Tor data plane).

Ok, that's how I thought it was before Ashton responded.  So what is Ashton
telling me I did wrong?

As it stands now:

1.  OR port set to "ORPort 8001" in torrc and uncommented.
2.  Control port set to 9051 in torrc, and now uncommented.
3.  GUI Control port set to 9051.
4.  Nickname set to "Nickname Eraserhead" in torrc.
5.  FW set to accept inbound connections on tcp 8001.

Still it doesn't work.


:ControlPort is the port on which Tor listens for new 
:controller connections (e.g. connections from TorCP).
:I believe that the socket accepting OR connections binds to 
: by default, in which case it MUST NOT have the same 
:value as ControlPort.
:Also, the ControlPort specified in torrc MUST match what TorCP 
:thinks that it is.