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RE: torcp problem

:    If you change the control port in the torrc file, you also 
:have to change it in the TorCP GUI.  Then restart TorCP.

So the "ORPort" in torrc and the "Control Port" in the GUI should be the
same port?  I set them both to 7001, restarted--the onion had a red/white
check on it for a sec, then it went back to an onion with no check.  I
tested the browser and no connection.  Or did I misunderstand?


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:    TorCP, starts a Tor instance and specifies the control 
:port via the ControlPort option.  The value passed in is *not* 
:picked up from torrc but is the one specified in the GUI.

:evb wrote:
:>New to tor, want to contribute. Tor worked.  Then installed torcp, 
:>changed nickname, added ORPort in torrc.  Now tor is broken 
:and torcp won't work.
:>No info in Event Log (XP Pro), don't know where to start.  
:Could anyone 
:>please help?  What info should I provide?