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Re: Suggestion to beat the bandwidth abuse

How about better use of temp nodes, or better yet putting tor like features in
bittorrent, or using freenet instead.

On 3/4/06, Matt Thorne <mlthorne@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If I am not mistaken, alot of the p2p traffic that is flying over Tor
> is BitTorrent. I am not personally aware of a way to regulate the use
> of bittorrent in the way that you describe, since it breaks every file
> in to small manageable chunks. Plus the whole consept would require
> monitoring what Tor is used for, which I think is counter to what they
> are trying to do at the moment.
> A worthy concept, IMO, but possibly not the best Implimentation/Solution.
> Just thoughts
> -=Matt=-
> On 3/4/06, nosnoops@xxxxxxxxxxx <nosnoops@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Sometimes the Torpark works like a heaven, with the only limit as
> > my internet connection speed. Other times (regretably to often)
> > it works like complete different. A couple of bytes in, half a
> > minute wait, then one byte more, a minute of wait, then another
> > three bytes... Have to close Torpark and restart it, sometimes
> > several times in a row, before getting a decent speeded circuit.
> >
> > Probably that is caused by to many people sharing heavy files of
> > warez, CD images and such. Therefore I suggest implementing some
> > exit node file size detector, that cut of a stream after letÂs
> > say 500 MB, or already refuse the file in beginning if it detect
> > itÂs bigger than 500 MB. Maybe accomplished with an automatic
> > message backwards from the exit node that tell the end user the
> > file is exceeding the maximum allowed download size.
> >
> > That will probably defeat files of CD size (donÂt know how much
> > impact this have on the bandwith, depends on how commonly such
> > files usually is) but still left very many possibilities for
> > good downloads of smaller files, just cuts away the possible
> > big abuse of giant files traveling across Tor for no reason
> > of common sence, if thatÂs the case (you maybe know better)
> > will not have any impact on standard surfing usage, not even
> > heavy surfing usage with a lot of mp3Âs and even movies and
> > big program downloads. The smarter oneÂs hovewer going to
> > split the big files if they absolutely want them traveling
> > in Tor, but the rest of "garbage usage" without particular
> > thoughts and specific missions, would get rid off.
> >
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