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Re: list of tor IP addresses

> Looking at the volunteer page at tor.eff.org, I spotted this:
> We need an official central site to answer "Is this IP address a Tor
> server?" questions. This should provide several interfaces, including a web
> interface and a DNSBL-style interface. It can provide the most up-to-date
> answers by keeping a local mirror of the Tor directory information. Bonus
> points if it does active testing through each exit node to find out what IP
> address it's really exiting from.

The Abusive Hosts Blocking List does DNSBL.


Their story about why they block the enitre Tor network is actually quite 

"A: Probably are talking about us, considering we refused to delist the 
entrance and transit nodes from the TORbl.  The TORbl is used by both people 
wanting to block access from TOR nodes, but also block access TO tor nodes. "

There's also this: http://proxy.org/tor.shtml

They offer a .htaccess file. That too has the "He's in the Tor-network!!! 
BLOCK HIM!!" policy which completely ignores if the box in question actually 
has anything to do with exiting.

Also, the trick that is used so sucessfully by some Tor-servers is to set 
OutboundBindAddress IP to something completely different than Address IP (if 
you have more than one IP). Blocking lists will block the Tor adress without 
having any idea what is really going on regarding exiting.. (just a tip, 

As for DNSBL: What's (possibly) missing is a list which _only_ lists servers 
who allow exiting to say.. port 80 and 443. Or just IRC. Thus; people who 
want to block Tor could block only the servers who can connect to the service 
in question.

> What kind of format would a web interface to this have? Just a textbox
> where you enter an IP?

Probably. https://nighteffect.us/tns/ has a box at the bottom where you can 
enter an IP (and select IP as query field) and it'll show you if the IP in 
question is Tor or not. If course, this will show you that 
involvement with Tor is indicated, but won't tell you anything at all about, which is good (or bad) depending on your point of view.