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Re: Building tracking system to nab Tor pedophiles

On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 09:53:08PM -0500, James Muir wrote:
> >Heheh, well speaking of dreaming big, while both what you and Jason
> >Edwards said are great goals to have, I think we shouldn't get
> >distracted from "stopping the bleeding" now with a few sentences right
> >up front while something more elaborate is devised (or a volunteer
> >steps up).
> >
> >The problem is if it isn't right on the download page and translated
> >into most languages, people will just assume they are good to go
> >without bothering to read the FAQ until something breaks (as Jason
> >pointed out). I also fall into this category with most software (even
> >stuff I develop for ;).
> Hear, hear!

Yes. Three cheers. I think this is a fine interim thing to do.  Maybe
I'm overly sold on install wizards but I think a step in the install
that says something about not being secure against responding web
sites by default and a pointer to a couple of things to do before
continuing is probably going to catch more people than anything on the
download page. Of course there will still be some (most?) people who
will just say "yeah, whatever" and click continue. But this is an
interim idea. (Now someone has to write installers in every
language. Perhaps _that_ could be added to the volunteer page.
In the interim interim, something on the download page will get
caught be our volunteer translators sooner than anything I said