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Re: Warnings on the download page

These are the extensions I use:

Assuming add-ons work as intended. For example (just an example, nothing against flashblock):
Firefox (Fresh install).
Install Flashblock
Visit Youtube (or any other page with flash)
Flashblock seems to be working but...
Disable Javascript from options menu
Revisit Youtube and flash video displays.
So...I need Javascript to block Flash?

Then there is the overlapping in functionality. Flashblock blocks flash, so as NoScript. Noscript blocks JS, so as developers toolbar, so as options menu item etc etc.

Then how does one block all plug-ins? visit http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/windows.html if you really want to be confused. Then there are cookies, refererers, Java. A dozen add-ons, tens of settings. One needs a PhD in browser setup.

What is needed is an add-on for Tor written by somebody who understands innards of and attacks against Tor. Start Tor, activate add-on, ready to go.

just my HO and 0.2$