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Re[2]: Ultimate solution

Well it is possible, but as was stated before I don't think that
active content is the culprit.

It would work like this: Tor button is on automatically, meaning tor
is selected. In this mode noscript preferences are locked to global
deny. When Tor button is off, noscript prefs are unlocked, but block
by default.

As I said it is possible, but when you treat the user like a child it
is going to be an issue to get them to keep using it.


> Is it really that difficult to test if active content is disabled?
> The Tor software should not work(i.e. the "start tor" button should not
> be clickable) if the user hasn't deactivated Javascript, Flash, Java,
> etc.
> Is this difficult do implement? There are not too many browsers.
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>   JT
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