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Re: Re[2]: Ultimate solution

2. Where will this be displayed, and who is going to read it? (Simple usage instructions)

On the download page. On the "Configure Privacy" page. When you get "By default, all scripting is blocked. Click here to configure safety level of scripting" on the second or third web page you go to.

3. Why keep any cookies at all after a session? (Common cookies for the tracking sites)

After a session? How long do your sessions last? Mine last days.

6. I especially like #6, now how to we get the tor network to route this
as an exit node?

It's my understanding that if you want a connection to x.y.z.t:p, and x.y.z.t is running a tor node that permits exit on p, then you are guaranteed to use x.y.z.t as your exit node.

What about "Even if I'm just a middleman" node? Does it still permit
local exit? (I don't know).

What about a trivial setup for "Allow anything to exit on my node". Or
even just "Allow web / ftp / SSH / secure mail (or whatever other
checkboxes are wanted) to exit on my node", without any bandwidth
sharing for the network (litterally, just an exit-only configuration
to help others who are using tor. 100% secure, encrypted communication
without having to purchase an SSL certificate for your web site, or
having to deal with the "Do I need to translate this address to
add/remove www. at the beginning, all to keep their browser from
complaining, and redo that every year?".