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Re: When is a relay stable?

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Ringo Kamens wrote:
> If I remember correctly, it is calculated by percentile. All the servers
> have their uptime monitored and the highest 50% get marked as stable.
Both uptime and bandwidth, for the record:

"Guard" -- A router is a possible 'Guard' if its Weighted Fractional
Uptime is at least the median for "familiar" active routers, and if
its bandwidth is at least median or at least 250KB/s.
If the total bandwidth of active non-BadExit Exit servers is less
than one third of the total bandwidth of all active servers, no Exit is
listed as a Guard.

     To calculate weighted fractional uptime, compute the fraction
     of time that the router is up in any given day, weighting so that
     downtime and uptime in the past counts less.

     A node is 'familiar' if 1/8 of all active nodes have appeared more
     recently than it, OR it has been around for a few weeks.

from https://svn.torproject.org/svn/tor/trunk/doc/spec/dir-spec.txt

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