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Re: TBBundle, Browser javascript

Hello again,

I've just been catching up the further replies on this.

Maybe the developer(s) of the bundle and/or torbutton might wander along and see this thread, and confirm whether or not _javascript_ needs to stay on in the browser.

I originally asked this because, when testing my connection, a little more personal info is revealed with the browser's _javascript_ turned on than when off, such as the local time zone. I do appreciate however that the config of the torbutton is set to enforce privacy and kill/block most (all?) nosy _javascript_.

If I/we don't find the definitive answer, I suppose it is best to trust the default settings in the bundle rather than potentially break something by turning off _javascript_. It would however be very nice to know for sure wouldn't it, seeing as leaving _javascript_ enabled in the browser seems to contradict one of the commonly held 'rules' of 'safe surfing'.