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Re: News from my Tor Server raid

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 03:18:27PM -0700, Curious Kid wrote:
> Surely German cybercrime divisions know all about Tor. From the repeat
>raids, it looks like either they are investigating the actual person
>who owns the server (you), or are using child pornography as a pretext
>to raid a Tor node repeatedly.

This is (alas) still not a good assumption. Like all huge bureaucracies,
there are plenty of pieces of German law enforcement who don't understand
how the Internet works, much less what Tor is and how it works.

I think I made a lot of progress in talking to the Stuttgart police last
insofar as the number of raids we've heard about has gone way down in
the past year. Notice that this thread is about a raid from 20 months
ago. (This new raid was because they didn't understand how Wikileaks
works -- a related but perhaps independent battle. ;)

In any case, we still have a ways to go before all the law enforcement
in the world understands Tor and Internet security in general. Let me
know if you have good contacts I should help teach!