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Re: BIND down, weird IPs pop up on tor.log

Thanks downie!

Briefly, I've found out that I have the "weird IPs" in the tor log
each time BIND has some temporary failure. This started happening
when I moved BIND to another pc in my LAN. It never happened when
BIND was running on the same pc as Tor.

downie -, on 03/23/2010 06:20 PM, wrote:

> I assume you have a fixed IP and an Address line in your torrc?

I have this line:
Address something.dyndns.org

When my IP really changes, I can see correct entries in the log. The
problem doesn't seem correlated to my real IP changes.

> Would restarting BIND make Tor try to guess its IP? In that case
> you could have triggered the bug in which gave some
> of us with dynamic IPs severe problems - the IP guessed was
> random contents of memory changing every few seconds. It's fixed
> in

I'm still running
Have I missed it, or there's been no announcement going around for
.25? I can see it now at


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