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Re: [tor-talk] how to install torrent tor

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> From: Moritz Bartl <moritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; torservers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Mon, March 21, 2011 5:07:47 AM
> Subject: Re: [tor-talk] how to install torrent tor
> Hi Zaher,
> On 20.03.2011 22:43, Zaher F. wrote:
> > i have downloaded  this one ...so now what next???
> > or should i go to bit torrent and link  it to tor and start it????
> You should be able to download and install Tor  from the regular
> Torproject website [1]. If you can, you do not need the  torrents from
> our website at all.
> If you cannot connect to torproject.org because it is  blocked, you
> should be able to connect to one if the mirrors and download  from there [2].
> As last resort, you can use a Bittorrent client such as  uTorrent
> (Windows) or rtorrent (Linux, Mac) to make use our torrent files  for
> decentralized downloading of the Tor software. [3]
> We should have  a better explanations in our wiki. As with torproject.org
> and its wiki, it is  a public project. Feel free to add.
> -- 
> Moritz Bartl
> https://www.torservers.net/

I looks to me like Zaher F. mistakenly believes that this is a bundle created to 
download torrents through Tor.

I hope those mirrors you posted don't get blocked...

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