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Re: [tor-talk] how to install torrent tor

On Mar 21, 2011, at 1:38 PM, Curious Kid wrote:

I looks to me like Zaher F. mistakenly believes that this is a bundle created to
download torrents through Tor.

I hope those mirrors you posted don't get blocked...

It was my impression that his original question was a badly-worded variation on "Firefox works over Tor, now how do I get torrents to work over Tor?". The answer depends on which client you're using. To date, I haven't seen a Bittorrent client specifically designed with Tor in mind, but then, since I find wasting huge amounts of exit bandwidth in this way a little distasteful, I haven't exactly been looking. uTorrent, however, is fairly easy to configure properly, so I'll use it as an example.

In the "Connection" section of uTorrent's preferences, set the proxy server options to "HTTP", "", and "8118" respectively to bounce traffic through Polipo (Which I'm assuming you installed with the Vidalia Bundle). If you don't have Polipo installed, you can set the proxy server options to "SOCKS", "", and "9050" respectively to route traffic directly into the Tor client. I'd make sure "Resolve hostnames through proxy" is checked, and although I cringe at the thought of using so much of the network's bandwidth, I suppose "Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections" is the magic checkbox you're looking for. (All this assumes you haven't changed any of the default ports).

But really, a simple Google search of "<your client's name> over Tor" or similar will yield you much more specific results, with pictures, even. The question is so general it's really hard for us to answer it here.

~Justin Aplin

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