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Re: [tor-talk] how to install torrent tor

> From: jmaplin@xxxxxxx
> To: tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 15:18:05 -0400
> Subject: Re: [tor-talk] how to install torrent tor
> On Mar 21, 2011, at 1:38 PM, Curious Kid wrote:
> > I looks to me like Zaher F. mistakenly believes that this is a
> > bundle created to
> > download torrents through Tor.
> >
> > I hope those mirrors you posted don't get blocked...
> It was my impression that his original question was a badly-worded
> variation on "Firefox works over Tor, now how do I get torrents to
> work over Tor?". The answer depends on which client you're using. To
> date, I haven't seen a Bittorrent client specifically designed with
> Tor in mind, but then, since I find wasting huge amounts of exit
> bandwidth in this way a little distasteful, I haven't exactly been
> looking. uTorrent, however, is fairly easy to configure properly, so
> I'll use it as an example.
> In the "Connection" section of uTorrent's preferences, set the proxy
> server options to "HTTP", "", and "8118" respectively to
> bounce traffic through Polipo (Which I'm assuming you installed with
> the Vidalia Bundle). If you don't have Polipo installed, you can set
> the proxy server options to "SOCKS", "", and "9050"
> respectively to route traffic directly into the Tor client. I'd make
> sure "Resolve hostnames through proxy" is checked, and although I
> cringe at the thought of using so much of the network's bandwidth, I
> suppose "Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections" is the magic
> checkbox you're looking for. (All this assumes you haven't changed any
> of the default ports).
> But really, a simple Google search of "<your client's name> over Tor"
> or similar will yield you much more specific results, with pictures,
> even. The question is so general it's really hard for us to answer it
> here.
> ~Justin Aplin

this what i am asking about....

thanks so much for the answer...
but i hop that u tried this cause i was trying what u wrote for bittorent and didnt work....
maybe i will try it for utorrent....

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