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Re: [tor-talk] Why the US Government funds circumvention projects (Like Tor)

<CLindsey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I light of the recent discussions regarding governments funding projects
like Tor, I thought this article might be of interest.

U.S. develops "panic button" for democracy activists

Full article:

Now at

That's great. At the same time many govts allow mobile providers to track users, even by longitude / latitude. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/NY-Times-Realizes-Wireless-Carriers-Track-You-113416
If mobile providers have the technology or are allowed to, so can govts.

I sleep better at night just knowing (any) govt has its (& other countries') citizens' best interests at heart. (little sarcasm). A govt's word is as good as gold - they've never lied (from beginning of recorded history), have they?

I am a little concerned though, about the US violating the constitution in numerous ways to spy on citizens in numerous ways. (remember the congressional hearings on telephone & internet?) If you want to know what (any) govt's up to, have to go elsewhere & dig deep for news & insight, not depend on info from the govt(s), nightly news or newspapers. Don't ask the fox guarding the hen house how things are. Something is only a conspiracy theory when no facts, evidence (or sometimes even common sense about it) exist.
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