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Re: [tor-talk] What would Tor v1.0 look like?

Nick Mathewson <nickm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Personally, I've been thinking we should just drop the leading "0" for
> the first release to become stable after this fall, in honor of the
> tenth anniversary of our first public release.  (Assuming I'm counting
> right)
> Once I thought there was such a thing as being "done" with all this
> stuff, and that kind of "done" would be called "1.0".  Now I think
> there's always more challenges and opportunities, and so on.
> peace,
> --
> Nick

  Has it been ten years already?*

  Versioning is a weird thing. George makes an interesting point -- i can't
even recall what the current Tor version offhand, and I use it in some
fashion every day.


*I first used Tor sometime in 2005, which seems like just a few years ago,
but is actually about eight years ago. The oldness kind of sneaks up on you
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