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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Question - Not saving settings

Hi Randolph,

I know you did not state this openly, but I believe you have some sort
of relationship to the guy who works on this alternative Tor Browser
(that you know none of the core Tor people is comfortable with, due to
reasons summarized elsewhere).

Please let him know that it would be much better to have him join the
("real") Tor Browser development team, and submit patches for it,
instead of basically duplicating work *and* have something that
separates user bases, which is bad for the anonymity of everyone.


On 23.03.2013 19:25, Randolph D. wrote:
> cookies can be managed with the cookie washer in this browser bundle
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/torbrowser/
> cookies in the default settings are deleted, when you close the browser.
> In case you set a trsor password and log in with a passphrase, you can
> define in the cookie washer, which cookie you want to keep, and how often
> cookies should be washed out.
> third, furthermore you can block all third party cookies with the
> anti-frame check box, that means e.g. facebook frames cannot like a cookie
> into your database of cookies. Update and test the browser bundle with the
> link above.
> Regards
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