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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Question - Not saving settings

> SiNA Rabbani:
>> Why on earth we got people advertising a sourceforge link for the
>> Tor Browser???? On tor-talk....?
>> This only creates confusion for the users we work so hard to
>> educate :/
>> Someone should put an end into this. --SiNA
> TBH I'm not even sure why it's still on source forge when it's clearly
> in violation of TPO trademarks. Guess SF don't take that too seriously.

Guess the trademark holders never filed a complaint.

> There's actually a number of other "Tor Browsers" besides the
> /torbrowser one, namely /torproject, /toruser12 and /securitytor all
> of them seem extremely dodgy and seem to be distributed on SF.

Yes, unfortunately there is not one serious project among them.

> The thing that worries me is that by calling it "Tor" or "Tor Browser"
> they are attempting to trick users into believing it's the same as
> torproject.org's distribution of the "Tor Browser".
> If these were genuine projects there's no reason why they can't call
> it something else.


> I'm just worried one of these might be an adversary to Tor trying to
> distribute a compromised version of Tor to a particular community in
> order to compromise it's user's identity.

I don't think this requires violating a trademark.
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