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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Question - Not saving settings

Randolph D.:
>> The thing that worries me is that by calling it "Tor" or "Tor Browser"
> As you quote there are many Torbrowser projects at sf.net and the one you
> are referring to exisits since more than 3 years.
> so no need to worry.

Existing for a long time doesn't make it any better.

>> In general, I would be quite happy if there where an alternative well
>  designed and maintained alternative to the browser developed by The
>  Tor Project.
> An alternative to Firefox exists and this is good.

So where are the test results (evercookie, DNS, fingerprinting...)?

> The Browser needs not to
> be maintained by tor people, as it is independent.

> The project by the way is not a browser project,

Ok... So why do you advertise it as a project?

> it is a vidalia plugin
> project. It provides just a Qt dll. If someone wants to join or wants to go
> on, it is the vidalia people as they are the Qt plugin developing, which
> has been used as code.
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/torbrowser/

So if it's not a browser, but Vialia as a plugin, why didn't you propose
it for TBB? As I read, Mike is interested to have Vidalia as tab.

>>  the trademark holders never filed a complaint.
> this has been discussed one year ago on the lists and a disclaimer is
> mentioned and was suggested.
> If something other or more needs to be considered, please announce it from
> the offcial persons.
> Otherwise we found a good solution as requested.

After reading the old thread again, I don't think an agreement has been
reached, you're also still on
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/LikelyTMViolators which
was edited by phobos (Andrew Lewman, Tor Project Offical) and this list
has been edited quite recently.

>> The technical design decisions of the project you linked are irrational
>  and the level of anonymity it provides is dubious.
> This is nonsense as all the items of security can be explained and are
> given due to modern standards.

There is no document such as
https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/design/ and no bug tracker.

See for example
https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/design/#philosophy No
filters. You claim on torbrowser.sf.net "TorBrowser has an option to
block third party content frames, e.g. Social Network Buttons.".

> See Firefox not soving the problem, which the new browser currently solves
> (as one of the only browsers)
> "According to http://feross.org/fill-disk and http://www.filldisk.com, it's
> possible to dump lots of garbage onto a user's hard drive by some HTML5
> mechanism. Dooble 1.40 does not suffer from this attack. Please enable your
> plugins and visit filldisk.com."
> So why do you suggest Firefox with this bug? as wellt he cookie bug
> especially in reagard for Tor is dangerous.

I visit filldisk.com and it says "You're using Firefox, so you're safe.
This demo won't work for you. Try Chrome, Safari, or IE.".

> I see it the opposite way: Stop using Firefox as TBB and we would not have
> any problems, if the the Alternative Bundle is made the offical one. Thanks.

Before that can happen it needs much more mature behavior of the
developer and much more test results (evercookie, DNS, fingerprinting,
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