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Re: [tor-talk] [OT] Smartphone purchase advice?


as far as I know reading on replicant.us and libreboot.org, actually doesn't exists any modern smartphone fully free. 

Typically the GPS, WiFi and modem firmwares are closed source. Moreover almost any arm device implement the PSP technology, which is something equivalent to Intel ME. Last but not least I don't know any recent smartphone which as a free boot loader.


Il 21 marzo 2019 07:20:31 CET, muc4dollol@xxxxxxxxxxx ha scritto:
>Hi, I would like to ask advice for purchase new smartphone. For now I
>survive on old android phone with no google account and scrape up some
>basic apps from f-droid or other places. It's hassle but it works well
>Minimum is buy some typical Android hardware and use LineageOS (which
>fork of now dead cyanogen-mod). But I wonder, is there better hardware 
>choice? here too we have https://puri.sm putting together custom
>hardware but not released yet and is it any different ultimately except
>for the hardware switches?
>What are thoughts on a usable smartphone purhcase with some
>security/privacy and minimal app available (ex: OpenVPN, email,
>calculator, web, messaging, phone, camera, camera flash used as a
>ssh client, music player, pdf viewer, text/doc editor, calendar, sip
>client, alarm clock, of course OrBot........i alsolike one handed Swype
>typing but I dont know if there is a modern fork of that, and GPS: well
>sometime nice to find myself on a map but its not so important)
>Interesting about hardware advice but also concerned for O/S. Are
>excited for puri.sm Librem phone or skeptikal?
>Thank u everyone
>PS- Is there better place to ask for this kind of advice?
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