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Re: [tor-talk] [OT] Smartphone purchase advice?

muc4dollol@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote (ao):
> Interesting about hardware advice but also concerned for O/S. Are
> people excited for puri.sm Librem phone or skeptikal?

I am very exicted about the upcoming Librem 5 for several reasons:

o Purism has a proven track record with both hardware (their laptops)
  and software.
o The NXP i.MX 8M family of cpu's is apparently relatively open.
o The expected hardware is powerfull: four core cpu, at least 3GB
  of memory, 32GB storage, 5.5" 720×1440 display:

And on a more personal note:

o I'm quite done with Google and their hunger for information.
o My Android phone is eol software wise (4,4.2), (but not hardware,
  which makes me sad from an environmental perspective).
o I've owned an Openmoko GTA02 years ago so I already know this will not
  be a smooth ride.

It seems the timing for a new Linux phone is spot on.

FTR: I've ordered a Librem 5.

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