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[tor-talk] [OT] Smartphone purchase advice?

Hi, I would like to ask advice for purchase new smartphone. For now I
survive on old android phone with no google account and scrape up some
basic apps from f-droid or other places. It's hassle but it works well for

Minimum is buy some typical Android hardware and use LineageOS (which is
fork of now dead cyanogen-mod). But I wonder, is there better hardware 
choice? here too we have https://puri.sm putting together custom ethical
hardware but not released yet and is it any different ultimately except
for the hardware switches?

What are thoughts on a usable smartphone purhcase with some
security/privacy and minimal app available (ex: OpenVPN, email,
calculator, web, messaging, phone, camera, camera flash used as a torch,
ssh client, music player, pdf viewer, text/doc editor, calendar, sip
client, alarm clock, of course OrBot........i alsolike one handed Swype
typing but I dont know if there is a modern fork of that, and GPS: well
sometime nice to find myself on a map but its not so important)

Interesting about hardware advice but also concerned for O/S. Are people
excited for puri.sm Librem phone or skeptikal?

Thank u everyone

PS- Is there better place to ask for this kind of advice?

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