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Re: [tor-talk] [OT] Secure laptop advice

I am a big fan of Lenovo (and formerly IBM) ThinkPads. You can buy them online 
refurbished extremely cheap.

I personally have a Lenovo X200 with Libreboot installed. Having a FOSS and 
controllable BIOS replacement can really be quite a security benefit.

For example, with Libreboot it's possible to have true full-disk encryption. 
Normal so called "full-disk encryption" has the crucial weakness that the 
/boot partition is unencrypted, which allows for some attack vectors. 
Libreboot however, as a BIOS replacement, can actually decrypt the /boot 
partition itself. You can also implement some sort of Secure Boot (but under 
your control, not Microsoft's) with PGP verfication of the kernel image file 
before booting it. It's really quite neat.

And you're safe from manufacturer backdoors or scary UEFI systems.
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