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Re: Setup Directory Server


I have been trying to setup my own "private" directory servers, but
without much luck. Does anybody know if there's a how-to or some other
information about how to setup your own directory server somewhere?

I have 3 computers, each running a directory server. They all do *NOT*
talk to the 5 authoritative directory servers (moria1, moria2, tor26,

The config file I used is below, with some info commented out

SocksPort 0
Log debug stdout

ORPort 10000
ORListenAddress ******
NickName DS1
AssumeReachable 1
ExitPolicy accept *:*

DirPort 9000
DirListenAddress *******
DirPolicy accept *:*

FetchServerDescriptors 0
FetchHidServDescriptors 0

AuthoritativeDirectory 1
ContactInfo blabla
DirServer ******:9000 Fingerprint1
DirServer ******:9000 Fingerprint2
DirServer ******:9000 Fingerprint3

I start up all 3 directory servers (almost simultaneously). They will
start up fine, then at some point they will start complaining about

May 18 20:45:31.606 [debug] circuit_remove_handled_ports(): Port 80 is
not handled.
May 18 20:45:31.606 [info] circuit_predict_and_launch_new(): Have 0
clean circs (0 internal), need another exit circ.

Sometimes, I might also get

May 18 20:40:26.492 [notice] Our directory information is no longer
up-to-date enough to build circuits. (Not enough servers seem
reachable -- is your network connection down?)

All three directory servers can talk to each other due to
May 18 02:02:16.924 [debug] connection_dir_client_reached_eof():
Received response from directory server '********:9000': 200 "OK"

If anybody want the full logs, let me know.

Thanks for any help,