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Re: nighteffect.us gone

I think he wants to keep this stuff private, so I won't probe any
further and ask that out of respect others do the same. I'm really
glad to hear that you're well and we don't have to worry about you.
Unfortunately, tor is something that can lead to people getting killed
in countries like China or persecuted in places like the US. If you
run a tor server, hidden service, dir server, or something tor-related
and decide to close shop, please let the community know so we do not
worry about your safety and well-being. If somebody drops off the map
for no reason, we can only assume something bad has happened to them
and as brothers and sisters in this fight for internet freedom, it is
our duty to find out what happened to our fellow comrades who went
onto the battlefield with us.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 5/18/07, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi Joe,

something happen with an employer?  or just lack of support?

i'd like a copy of the code if that's ok.

thanks again for all your efforts; i know that they are unappreciated
and unnoticed most of the time, but they do make a difference and
there are many who appreciate it quietly...

best regards,
    martin peck

On 5/18/07, Some Guy <das32555@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Hey guys, > > > It's Joe Kowalski. I saw this thread and saw that there was some concern > about me, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am fine. Nothing > 'bad' happened to me. Taking down the site was intentional, and my reasons > are varied and personal. Let me just say that I still support Tor and what > Tor stands for, and will continue to do so, but probably in a more low-key > way. I didn't mean to alarm anyone. If anyone wants or needs the latest > version of the code that was running the site / DNS server, send an email to > das32555@xxxxxxxxx (Temp address), and I'll send it to you. Thanks for > caring! > > > Best regards, > > > Joe Kowalski > > > > ________________________________ > Get the free Yahoo! toolbar and rest assured with the added security of > spyware protection. > >