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Re: Incognito Live CD release (was Tor Kit)

Thanks for all the work you're doing on this man. I want you to know
that it _is_ appreciated.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 5/22/07, Pat Double <pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've released the Incognito Live CD. This used to be called Tor Kit. Following
are the noticable changes:

- Change "Tor Kit" to "Incognito"
- Provide package versions at /usr/share/incognito/readme.html
- Eject CD before wiping memory
- Add mixminion, available via TorK and shell
- Add boot menu option for no graphical boot (No X server)
- Add pre-configured Kopete IRC contacts using Tor hidden services (thanks
Robert Hogan)
- Do not start kvpnc on startup, this app probably isn't used enough for that.
(full version)
- Add lots of Internet apps to the task bar. (full version)
- TorK always applies settings to Tor.
- Set empty root password instead of scrambled password.

Download via BitTorrent at:

http://www.patdouble.com/incognito-i686.iso.torrent (full)
http://www.patdouble.com/incognitotiny-i686.iso.torrent (tiny)

http://fwks5nwum4hpjnin.onion/incognito-i686.iso.torrent (full)
http://fwks5nwum4hpjnin.onion/incognitotiny-i686.iso.torrent (tiny)

Please seed for a few days after downloading if you can. My bandwidth is
already at max as I write this!

SVN at (I noticed at least someone checked it and is presumably building
one :)


Pat Double, pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Ye must be born again." - John 3:7