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Re: lots of DMCA request's... (1/day)

Geoffrey Goodell wrote:
On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 06:34:41PM -0400, Brian Puccio wrote:

[many interesting points cut]

I think that we need to take a step back and understand more about the
complaints being served to ISPs.

1. Some are clearly DMCA takedown notices.  Are these the vast majority?
What other kinds of abuse notices are served to Tor exit node operators,
with what frequency and in what proportions?

The ISPs and hosting providers tend to have agreements with their network providers that stipulate that the customer ISP take action to avoid stuff the provider doesn't like. Such as phishing and break-in attempts, which are bad. But also things like IRC usage (yes, even IRC clients).

2. To what extent are ISPs legally bound to respond to the various
different kinds of notices?  For each of the various kinds of abuse
complaints, surely some ISPs will say "this is an anonymizing relay, go
away", while others will engage in an expensive investigation process,
and still others will just shut down their customers without further
questions.  ISP staffers and counsel might not like the idea of being
served legal requests, but it is critical that we understand the extent
to which they are legally bound to respond, and the space of potential
responses.  If the points in this document [1] do not provide a simple,
consistent, effective way for ISPs to respond without significant
thought, then the document should be amended -- but it is not clear to
me that ISPs are significantly burdened by abuse complaints in the
general case.  I would like to see evidence to the contrary.

Some hosting providers (not just ISPs) receive 100s of abuse complaints for various kind of stuff in a month. Some of them may show up from process servers.