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Re: a serious TOR adversary?

Bernardo Bacic wrote:
> This link http://web.crypto.cs.sunysb.edu/spday/ contains a summary
> description of a possible TOR threat.
> Does anyone have more details? opinions?
> (apologies if this has been discussed before, i read the list only as
> much as time permits)

This appears to be a variation on the work by Bauer et al. at U.
Colorado@Boulder in which they exploit the tension between anonymity and
low latency.  Basically, an adversary that is able to watch traffic on a
certain percentage of entrance and exit nodes can correlated connections
in and out of the tor-cloud (based on the timing) and deduce the source,
thus compromising anonymity.  It reminds us that " This is experimental
software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity."