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Re: Tor server for port 443

F. Fox schrieb:
In addition to port 443, you might consider ports like 995 - used
for secure POP3 - and 587, used for secure SMTP on Gmail.
I just want to add, that the preferred way for encrypted POP3, IMAP, ACAP and maybe SMTP is to use the (old) standard port and issue a STARTTLS or STLS to switch to an encrypted communication:
The RFCs "discourage" the use of separate ports for pop3s and imaps, reasons are given the RFC2595.

There is even something similar to STARTTLS for HTTP:

So, please keep in mind: connections to ports 80, 25, 587, 110 and others _may_ be encrypted as well (while 443, 995 may also just use a crippled cipher suite and may be not efficiently encrypted after all). Port numbers are just a poor choice to decide upon kind and circumstances (secure / non-secure) of traffic. ;-)