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Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
Is anyone know where find an "how to use TOR against HADOPI" ?

Using tor to evade the French data retention and HADOPI laws is no different
from using tor for evading the surveillance of other police states.

(Hadopi is the new law in france about P2P: if you download some music or
movie with a P2P system, the provider will send you a mail to say stop; if
you continue, they send a real letter and after, they stop your connexion
and FINE you (and you will continue to pay provider but you will have no
right to have an internet connexion :-(( )  -
http://www.p2pnet.net/story/21764 - )

Now don't get me started about how stupid HADOPI is.

Under HADOPI, the ISP is required to monitor your Internet usage, at
their cost.  After three warnings, they are meant to disconnect you
while you continue paying your ISP bill.  I'm sure that's going to do
wonders for the ISPs' customer relations.

While HADOPI mandates massive surveillance of Internet users, the total
budget voted for enforcing it is a mere 6.7 M¤ per annum, which implies
that enforcement will be entirely from the ISPs' pockets.  I'm sure
they'll love it.


The ISPs' pockets? I'd guess they'll all quickly raise their rates an amount generous enough to cover those additional costs. Heh..... only people pay taxes and fees. :-)