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Re: [GSoC] Improving Snakes on a Tor

On 05/01/10 00:15, John M. Schanck wrote:
> I'm going to be working on improving the Snakes on a Tor (SoaT) exit
> scanner. For those of you not familiar with it, SoaT aims to detect
> malicious, misconfigured, or heavily censored exit nodes by comparing the
> results of queries fetched across those exits to results obtained without
> Tor. It's an ambitious project, originally developed by Mike Perry and
> crafted into its current form by Aleksei Gorney during GSoC 2008, so my
> goals are modest. I'm going to begin by stabilizing the existing codebase,
> and then work on minimizing the number of false positives generated by the
> current filters. If time permits I'll also begin designing new filters to
> handle adversaries not yet accounted for.

GSoC is God's work; thank you!

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