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Re: Tor Exit Node Sponsorship - looking for partners

--- On Thu, 5/13/10, W <waterwaiter@xxxxxxx>  wrote:

> I'm not necessarily suggesting nagware
> pop-ups, but I am talking about something like, perhaps, a
> splash screen with a reminder -- and a button -- upon
> launch.

 I can not speak for everyone else, but for my self, if I read this
right, imo, there is no difference or very little difference between
nagware popups and splash screens that have reminders or ads on them.

There is enough ' crap '  ware out there with those pop ups, etc. As a
relay operator, if i had to see this everytime an upgrade was done or
had to reboot for whatever reason, those screens/popups would be
enough after a while to stop being a relay.

I am not in the ' technically-minded ' user base, but I am among the
relay user database that donates time, bandwidth, money to the cause
here. As just like several hundred others.

Again, imo, I get the feeling beginning from the topic, that it
appears to be more to this then meets the eye. It seems to me that
some one other than TOR is going to benefit more from this.

I may be wrong in the way I am reading this, but sure seems like to me
that this is an entrepreneur proposition for some one to make money


PS: Hopefully some one from the Developing and Admin side will comment
on this topic and give their opinions.
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