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Re: Tor Exit Node Sponsorship - looking for partners

On 14.05.2010 06:56, andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Can we split entrepreneurial from bad?  I don't see the two as one
> concept.  If someone figures out a way to increase fast exit relays and
> preserve user privacy/anonymity and make money, more power to them. We
> as the non-profit aren't going to stand in their way.  I'm glossing over
> lots issues, but in general, trying and failing until you succeed is a
> fine plan as any.

Can I use the Tor logo in combination with my "hosted" Tor sponsorship
offer? I'd like to use it as part of a logo, somewhat modified and with
the clear statement that I am not associated to the Tor project and that
the logo is copyrighted by the project.

Moritz Bartl
GPG 0xED2E9B44
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