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Re: [tor-talk] password...

On 5/29/2011 12:02 PM, kamyar fils wrote:
Hi all,

Just downloaded and installed TOR, when visiting an URL, i get this error message : "514 Authentication required."
I don't use any proxy server for connecting to Internet,

your help would be greatly appreciated,


"A" URL, or any / many URLs?

If many, make sure settings in Polipo are correct - & Polipo is running. Also, if using Firefox, d/l latest Torbutton alpha ver from Tor Project site. It will set the Tor proxy settings correctly in FX.

If using IE... don't. Seriously, you can configure IE to work, but using Firefox is safer. Or, just d/ l the Tor Browser bundle, w/ pre config'd Firefox included.

Can install it to a separate folder than other Fx installs. to be able to run a 2nd instance of Fx, create a separate profile for the Tor Browser. Then in Properties of desktop icon, in the Target box, after the executable file, add the profile name & no remote command: \firefox.exe" -p fx-shrd-7-22-10 -no-remote

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