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Re: [tor-talk] Basic questions from new user but...

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 03:08:31PM -0400, Matthew Kaufman wrote:
> Why can't there be some manner of anonymity such as remote VNCing to a
> remote computer (say a web server desktop on Gnome running on an Amazon AWS
> cloud)...
> This way your true identity is an Amazon AWS cloud IP and say you are ssh
> tunneled or connected via tor to it --- and running Firefox remotely on the
> vnc desktop.

You might get rid of some problems but introduce a whole bunch of new problems.
If you connect to the AWS instance using Tor, for example, Amazon could do
end-to-end correlation for some users by setting up entry guards or bridges.
Also, the stuff you do inside the AWS instance could leak your identity (key
stroke timing, ...). So Tor's distributed trust would get reduced to trusting a
service provider.

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