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Re: [tor-talk] google analytics says it can track across separate domains

On 5/19/2012 3:14 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
...Normal web browsers do not consider the ability to link your accounts and activity across multiple url domains to be a problem. .... As a result, we have all sorts of stupid crazy conflict between policy people arguing for bullshit like "Do Not Track"; crazy lawsuits against ... companies who are simply using the tracking technology provided to them by browser makers;
Browser "companies" are in business to make money. Even as a NFP, Mozilla still has to make $. How do browsers make $? From deals w/ companies involved w/ advertising. If browsers made it impossible to track users, negating the targeted ads concept, advertising companies wouldn't pay browsers or web sites for the right to track their users.

addons like Request Policy and Ghostery to try to filter "bad actors" (who can simply reappear under new domains on a moment's notice anyway).
Maybe, but for now, TBB has NO way to block cross site tracking web beacons, AFAIK. Some protection seems better than none. In addition to disabled disk cache, we could turn off memory cache & disable all images - not likely.
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