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Re: [tor-talk] google analytics says it can track across separate domains

Thus spake Joe Btfsplk (joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx):

> On 5/19/2012 3:14 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
> >...Normal web browsers do not consider the ability to link your
> >accounts and activity across multiple url domains to be a problem.
> >.... As a result, we have all sorts of stupid crazy conflict
> >between policy people arguing for bullshit like "Do Not Track";
> >crazy lawsuits against ... companies who are simply using the
> >tracking technology provided to them by browser makers;
> Browser "companies" are in business to make money.  Even as a NFP,
> Mozilla still has to make $.  How do browsers make $?  From deals w/
> companies involved w/ advertising.  If browsers made it impossible
> to track users, negating the targeted ads concept, advertising
> companies wouldn't pay browsers or web sites for the right to track
> their users.

Yep. Any userbases is worth money, though. Even one that prefers privacy
still might like to buy a few things here and there.

For example, I sure wish I could buy a fucking book without being
tracked these days. There are no major brick and mortar bookstores left
in my city, and I live in a pretty big city.

So if Mozilla wants to surrender 5%+ of their userbase to us, hey man,
we'll take it :)

> >addons like Request Policy and Ghostery to try to filter "bad actors"
> >(who can simply reappear under new domains on a moment's notice
> >anyway).
> Maybe, but for now, TBB has NO way to block cross site tracking web
> beacons, AFAIK.  Some protection seems better than none.  In addition
> to disabled disk cache, we could turn off memory cache & disable all
> images - not likely.

I'm confused. What vectors do you belief remain that we have not covered
a few dozen times in this thread and others?

You smell a lot like a timewasting troll... I'm trying to help you
understand what we're doing because I think it's important for everyone
to understand. But you sure aren't making it easy ;)

Mike Perry

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