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Re: [tor-talk] google analytics says it can track across separate domains

On 5/19/2012 9:17 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
I'm confused. What vectors do you belief remain that we have not covered a few dozen times in this thread and others? You smell a lot like a timewasting troll... I'm trying to help you understand what we're doing because I think it's important for everyone to understand. But you sure aren't making it easy ;)

I may be confused about TBB's ability to either stop * ALL * trackers or render them harmless for Tor users' purposes, but I'm not confused about your rudeness. I resent the hell out of that. Some vectors I might be concerned about are the many bug reports you've pointed out; Flash isn't controllable.... no need to list all unresolved issues - you pointed out several.

Maybe you smell like a money grubbing hack trying to tout semi anonymous software, for * some * $ & the attention it brings you. :D How do you like being disparaged w/o any basis? I didn't mean any of that - just making a point. See, & if I put a emoticon after the insult, it makes it OK.

Time wasting troll? I'm not a mindless drone that accepts everything at face value. I contribute a lot to this list & I've come up w/ some ideas (or co-ideas) that were incorporated. I contribute a lot more to the list than I get out of occasionally using Tor.

I think the problem may lie, not in the student, but in the teacher's explanations. I used to have some professors that got mad when students didn't understand or if they questioned the professors' logic or calculations. Who's fault was that? And no, we haven't covered ALL the different types of tracking cookies (as if they all behave the same), in any detail, "a few dozen times" - not in this list. Not even a few times.

Professional programmers sometimes talk over the heads of very educated, but non - programmer users. Most of Tor's user base probably aren't programmers & if it grows like it needs to, most will definitely not be programmers. Now, if * some * of the programming crowd wants to talk down to & even insult non-programmer users (many, if not most are very patient & helpful), that are trying to understand how or if Tor works, go ahead. It won't help build the user base.

As far as me questioning how or if TBB handles something, you act as though there isn't a constant stream of bug fixes. Just because * anyone * says something (ANYthing) works - w/o question, doesn't make it so. What we think works today, turns out to have bugs (or someone found a hole) tomorrow.

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