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[tor-talk] memory cached pages should reload instantly-but DON'T

If I understand, TBB disables disk cache & has memory cache enabled. This is the way I do it w/ Fx, because I've got lots of RAM & it's much faster than disk. Normally, going back to a page already visited in Fx is almost instantaneous. Definitely NOT the case in latest stable TBB - or ever.

In TBB, browser.cache.memory.enable is set True. I've got 8 GB, so by default I believe Fx would allow ~ 32,000 KB. I even added the entry in TBB about:config, browser.cache.memory.capacity & set it higher than 32,000 KB. That entry may be deprecated - dunno. It's still slow reloading pages - ones I looked at 5 sec ago.

What is TBB doing or what is the difference that makes it so slow in reloading cached pages compared to regular Fx? Should have nothing to do w/ slow Tor network or relays. On a machine like this w/ very fast CPU, plenty of free RAM & a good graphics card, why should reloading recent pages be any slower in TBB than Fx?

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