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Re: [tor-talk] Tor's reputation problem with pedo, some easy steps the community could take

On 17.05.2013 23:37, Gregory Disney wrote:
I think Tor Project does follow Mihkal Bakunin principles on Freedom...
 From Revolutionary Catechism:
III. Freedom is the absolute right of every adult man and woman to seek no
other sanction for their acts than their own conscience and their own
reason, being responsible first to themselves and then to the society which
they have *voluntarily *accepted.

IV. It is not true that the freedom of one man is limited by that of other
men. Man is really free to the extent that his freedom, fully acknowledged
and mirrored by the free consent of his fellowmen, finds confirmation and
expansion in their liberty. Man is truly free only among equally free men;
the slavery of even one human being violates humanity and negates the
freedom of all.

V. The *freedom *of each is therefore realizable only in the equality of
all. The realization of freedom through equality, in principle and in fact,
is *justice.*

VI. If there is one fundamental principle of human morality, *it is freedom*.
To respect the freedom of your fellowman *is duty; *to love, help, and
serve him is *virtue.*

You got me on that.


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