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Re: [tor-talk] Number of tor users

Hi Karsten,
Thank you for fast reply.
So, now more clear for me to understand.
I try to calculate average Bandwidth per User based on Data from metrics.torproject.org and I got around 30-40 Kbps/user. but it is total bandwidth/average daily user. if I want to calculate end-to-end bandwidth, the result i divide 3. with assumption we have 3 relays to establish connection (Entry, middle and exit). each relays have equal bandwidth (only assumption, in the reality, total bandwidth for 3 relays are different). then, average bandwidth connection is 10 - 15 Kbps. in VoIP case, we need 30-35 Kbps (iLBC and Speex codec) to have good quality calls. then my next question, does TOR ensure the bandwidth for users? at least each user can get minimum bandwidth around 30 Kbps.
Thank you before,


On 29/05/2013 11:53, Karsten Loesing wrote:
On 5/29/13 10:11 AM, Maimun Rizal wrote:
I would like to know, where i can find data average number of tor
users? As I know, number of users in metrics.torproject.org are total
number in a day. So how can I know a average?
Hi Maimun,

this is a fine question.

Actually, what you find on metrics.torproject.org *is* the estimated
average number of Tor users per day, not the total number.

Here's how we calculate those numbers (simplified): we sum up daily
requests by Tor clients to the Tor directories to fetch the network
status document, assume that an average user makes 10 such requests per
day (some make just 1 or 2, others 15 or 20), divide the number of
requests by 10, and have our estimated average daily user number.

But we don't have data to say whether two requests were made by the same
client or two different clients, mostly because clients can send their
requests to hundreds of directories which cannot exchange data on
requesting clients for obvious privacy reasons.  That's why we cannot
calculate total users per day, just averages.

For more details, see these reports:



I wonder, why did you think metrics.torproject.org shows total users per
day, and how can we make it clearer that these are in fact daily averages?


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