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Re: [tor-talk] Number of tor users

On 5/29/13 3:38 PM, Maimun Rizal wrote:
> Hi Karsten,
> Thank you for fast reply.
> So, now more clear for me to understand.
> I try to calculate average Bandwidth per User based on Data from
> metrics.torproject.org and I got around 30-40 Kbps/user. but it is total
> bandwidth/average daily user. if I want to calculate end-to-end
> bandwidth, the result i divide 3. with assumption we have 3 relays to
> establish connection (Entry, middle and exit). each relays have equal
> bandwidth (only assumption, in the reality, total bandwidth for 3 relays
> are different). then, average bandwidth connection is 10 - 15 Kbps.
> in VoIP case, we need 30-35 Kbps (iLBC and Speex codec) to have good
> quality calls.

Ah, in that case user statistics won't get you very far.  I suggest you
try out whether your VoIP application works with Tor or not.

You may also be interested in this FAQ:


> then my next question, does TOR ensure the bandwidth for users? at least
> each user can get minimum bandwidth around 30 Kbps.

No, Tor doesn't ensure a minimum bandwidth per user.  Again, worth a try
if the provided bandwidth is sufficient or not.


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