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Re: [tor-talk] DNS provider that does not hijack failures

Hi Sebastian and all,
thanks for all the great feedback and responses!
Honestly I think that for the purposes of my initial question, taking the actions of NSA into account is going a bit too far. No one really knows what they are and aren't capable of - and while speculation is nice, this isn't Dan Brown's 'Digital Fortress', this is reality. Of course, it's disputable whether the reality is scarier than 'Digital Fortress', but I guess that's a whole different topic.

> Or you could use (FoeBud) or (Chaos Computer
> Club)

Now this is interesting… When I read the 'Chaos Computer Club' part, I was like 'Yes, perhaps this is what I should use as long as it works reliably'. But why? Maybe it's because I'm German and I've read and heard about the Chaos Computer Club, maybe it's because I listen to their radio program every time it airs (last Thursday of every month). Google can give me a privacy policy, I will read it and not believe half of it. The Chaos Computer Club can give me an IP for a DNS server it operates, and my first instinct will be that it's great although I've never even seen a reference to a privacy policy for their DNS service.
This, I guess, just shows some ISPs trigger some instinctive feelings, good or bad, that may not even be justified…
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