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[tor-talk] Satori (this crazy app thing I've been working on)

Hey all,

So Satori is this app for Google Chrome that distributes circumvention software in a difficult-to-block way and makes it easy for users to check if it's been tampered with in-transit. I've been kind of obsessive about it, and now that it's been released, I'd love to see what the Tor community thinks. :D It's basically *just* been released, so I'm seriously looking for critical feedback and bugs to squish. People seem to like it, but Satori is far from perfect.

Code: https://github.com/glamrock/satori (download the zip)
App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/satori/oncomejlklhkbffpdhpmhldlfambmjlf (to install directly)


* Tor Browser Bundle v3.6 for fifteen languages for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
* Mozilla Thunderbird v24.4 - email client
* Enigmail v1.6 - encryption plugin for Thunderbird
* TorBirdy v0.1.2 - allows you to send and receive email over the Tor network
* GPG4Win v2.2.1 - required to gpg-encrypt email
* Guardian Project apps (not yet implemented)

To test the github version (requires Chrome):
1) go to chrome://extensions
2) check the Developer Mode checkbox
3) click Load Unpacked Extension
4) select the Satori/chrome folder

This will add it as a packaged app, and you can open the app by clicking its icon in chrome://apps/


PS: super huge thanks as always to David Fifield for giving feedback in the early stages and letting me bounce crazy distribution ideas off of him :D
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