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Re: [tor-talk] Satori (this crazy app thing I've been working on)


Griffin Boyce:
> Hey all,
>   So Satori is this app for Google Chrome that distributes circumvention
> software in a difficult-to-block way and makes it easy for users to
> check if it's been tampered with in-transit.  I've been kind of
> obsessive about it, and now that it's been released, I'd love to see
> what the Tor community thinks. :D It's basically *just* been released,
> so I'm seriously looking for critical feedback and bugs to squish. 
> People seem to like it, but Satori is far from perfect.

This is a great idea. This coupled with GetTor can help alleviate our
bundle distribution issues :)

Some feedback, mostly related to the UI/UX, so this may very well be a
personal opinion but I will still comment because I really hope we use
this to distribute the bundles.

- the background looks nice but we can probably use something simple
just to make sure that it is accessible
- the (A) and (B) for the download links should be redesigned. I
honestly was clicking on the name of the bundles instead of (A) and (B).
Also, the download source (Github/Amazon) can be reflected more clearly
- is it possible to use this without signing in to your Google account?
- checksums for some of the bundles was not working (the page would go
to the top instead of displaying the checksum)
- sorry, couldn't resist -- it's TorBirdy and not Torbirdy ;)

Very well done though! The hash generation takes the prize above all!

Please keep us informed about the development.
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