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Re: [tor-talk] Publishing Dangerous Data and Opinions

ØÙØÙØÙ wrote:
Are there field-tested guides for configuring a service in the most
anonymous way possible in order to publish files?

What format is the data in? Photos, video, or just text? Can you run a shell script?

I say this from personal experience -- you are more likely to be de-anonymized through personal interactions than because of the technology you use. Don't keep a hidden service box in your house/work/school if at all possible. Read Globaleaks's guides to whistleblower security [1] and operating system security [2] before doing anything.

Easy hidden-service setup is a priority for Tor, but something useful might not get released before you need it (which seems to be right now).

good luck!

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZrndvBj9eTg-ooIRfKbXxX18Ie-ODlcjnHjKXSY78Ew/view [2] https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/wiki/Operating-system-security
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