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Re: [tor-talk] Publishing Dangerous Data and Opinions

On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 6:50 AM,
<BM-2cU3w6ptnEhgt249n69qkXUeAsHDYvcqS9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> I have data with expert guidance which will result in death threats.

nice! usually legal threats and intimidation indicate a good story,
but this must be juicy!

> Ultimately, we will be killed for releasing this data with expert
> guidance. We want to publish this data and stave off impending death for
> as long as possible.

 Valar morghulis

> Are there field-tested guides for configuring a service in the most
> anonymous way possible in order to publish files?

no single guide, but many relevant subjects to study:

- metadata in documents (EXIF, headers, etc.) can betray you.

- a collection of facts or data can identify you (e.g. limited access
== limited suspects)

- the expert guidance itself can identify you (stylometry)

- hosted services can point toward you (you seem to assume a hidden
service will be uncovered, so anonymous hosting of a hidden service
appears requisite; procuring hosting anonymously another long

- third parties are liabilities, the more entities you interact with
en route to disclosure, the more potentially identifying information
you leak along the way.

> We cannot trust a service or others to
> carry out this data publication. Pointers are very much appreciated.

i can publish for you.  my herd of trained attack goats have thwarted
many a foe!

best regards,
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