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Re: [tor-talk] darkweb-everywhere - was: Using HTTPS Everywhere to redirect to .onion

Zenaan Harkness:
> On the humour front:
> Dark net
>  -> Light net


>  -> Illuminet
>  -> so we are the Illuminetti ? :)

Please not. Iluminati is another negatively perceived term surrounded by
conspiracy theories.

> On a new brand:
> How about the Free Speech Network ?


> The term "libre software" (in english, as opposed to 'free software')
> is slowly catching on (it's been a few years now since I and others
> have been using it, but it is catching on), so I think another term
> could catch on for freedom network.

I prefer the term Libre Software over Free Software as well.

> If Freenet design is truly unable to be revived, we could perhaps, at
> some point, second that terminology/term - the freenet.

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