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Re: [tor-talk] darkweb-everywhere - was: Using HTTPS Everywhere to redirect to .onion

On 5/15/14, Patrick Schleizer <adrelanos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Zenaan Harkness:
>>  -> Illuminet
>>  -> so we are the Illuminetti ? :)
> Please not. Iluminati is another negatively perceived term surrounded by
> conspiracy theories.

Thus the smiley :)

I guess there are others of a similar ilk:
* Club of Rominet
* Kool Gnu Bright Net - the KGB Net of course
* De Super Sluthey Net - De SS Net
* Bretton Woodski Net

Pretty lame ... I'm sure others could come up with better conspiracy
inducing names. I like Illuminetti myself, for a pro-conspiracy name.

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